Webinar Series | The role of shallow geothermal energy in the future renewable district heating and cooling networks

Shallow geothermal energy has the potential to play a crucial role in future renewable district heating and cooling networks.

However, to size, model, and design such systems, an accurate underground survey campaign is
necessary, providing on-site geological, hydrogeological, and thermophysical parameters. This is particularly true in geologically complex environments such as mountain ones.

During this webinar, hosted by Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Diego Viesi presents a real case study located at the Madonna Bianca neighborhood in the city of Trento (North Italy, in an Alpine valley), where a comprehensive geological survey campaign has been conducted by using traditional and innovative techniques. The aim was to size a low-temperature district heating with integrated ground source heat pumps, also evaluating its thermal effects on the underground by using a 3D hydro-thermal finite element modeling (FEM).

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  • Welcome address and introduction to the webinar
  • The district heating challenges. The real case of Madonna Bianca, Trento
  • Discussion and Q&A


January 8, 2024
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