Webinar Series | Electric mobility in Trento: Technology infrastructure approach and action plan

As a part of the European STARDUST project, one of the key objectives of the City of Trento has been the promotion of electric mobility through a plan to develop a network of charging points and the introduction of electric vehicles in the municipal car fleet.

This webinar delves into the approach taken to planning the public charging infrastructure to support electric mobility in Trento. It then looks at the action plan that the municipality intends to implement to replace diesel buses with electric ones.

Watch the webinar here.


Welcome and introduction of the webinar

Planning for the public charging infrastructure for electric mobility in the city of Trento (Alyona Zubaryeva, EURAC)

Electric mobility of the Trento Municipality: corporate electric vehicle fleet and pilot introduction of electric buses in the city (Alex Tomasi, City of Trento)

Q&A Session


February 21, 2024
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