Webinar Series | Sustainable Smart City Matrix: how to assess the impact of innovative technologies in STARDUST cities

The Sustainable Smart City Matrix helps European cities assess their sustainability plans and strategies. The aim is to enable cities to find their “global sustainability label”. Developed by the Institute of Smart Cities (ISC) of the Public University of Navarra (UPNA) for the STARDUST Project, the matrix covers six areas to analyze results and improve policy in each one.

During this webinar, speakers from UPNA explain what the Smart City Matrix is for, how to fill it in, and how it can benefit cities that are keen to go climate-neutral.

View the webinar here


The theoretical aspests of the Stardust Smart City Matrix (Pablo Branchi, UPNA)

The practical aspects of the Stardust Smart City Matrix (Gustavo Vargas, UPNA)


March 25, 2024
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